Human Behavior and Agression

Human Behavior and Agression

Why do humans show aggression towards others. Some questions that surface when thinking about this topic are very interesting. For example “What is the developmental course of aggression and antisocial behavior in human beings? What factors lead humans to aggress against each other? What stability and change occur in the life course of individual differences in antisocial behavior? Why do some individuals become more antisocial than others? ” These questions cover aggression species wide and on an individual level and question why a certain human being may be aggressive to another individual human being for specific reasons.

Aggression can take a very different variety of forms and expressed differently by certain human beings. Aggression can be expressed in a physical manner and in a verbal manner. For example there is defensive aggression, predatory aggression, dominance aggression, species specific aggression and many more. As you can tell there are numerous types of aggression that we categorize our behaviors into. Some types of aggression we commonly know and hear a lot are passive, assertive, and passive aggressive.

When it comes to defining aggression any average person may define it simply as a trait that all humans hold but in reality aggression is a very complicated thing. Instead of a trait it should be looked at as a suite of behaviors that has a wide range of expression. This means that aggression can be expressed on different levels and every human expresses it differently depending on a certain situation. Another thing that adds variation with this behavior is when a person is showing aggression to protect themselves or to attack someone else and its important to note that these types of aggression are different to each other.

Looking at aggression in general is infidelity an interesting idea but to think deeper of it would be to think about what may fuel aggression and aggressive tenancies in humans. Examples of this are for sure shown in sports games. For example fights in hockey are a legit rule, UFC or MMA fighting I feel has a lot of anger and hype around a big fight, or a fight breaking out in a football or a lacrosse game. On a bigger scale what may fuel a nation on nation battle or wars and genocide. Why are these types of aggressive behavior on such a large scale? Why do we still see them today? These were some of the questions that surfaced to me while reading about aggression and what fuels it.

One answer you could use for the fuel part of aggressive behavior could be simple survival. At some point in our lives we all need to be aggressive and that enables us to stay alive. For example we need to keep important things like a mate, territory or food, and to protect ourselves and others. Another answer that can be applied here is how our brains work. When an aggressive act occurs towards us we may be all hyped up and our dopamine levels could be heightened as well. So in a way violent acts and aggressive behaviors are sort of addicting in a sense. And this addictive behavior is dependent on the person, not every person may have an easy tendency to become aggressive.

There are some people out there that don’t believe we should be aggressive which is true but, as a species we need to be competitive. Proof of this would be the nightly news and the internet in general. Both of these display our competitive nature and demonstrate that its impossible to not be aggressive and competitive. On the other hand we are mostly more at peace than we are at conflict but I still truly believe that its essential that humans are aggressive. Aggressive behavior is easy to say it comes from a family member and certain genes but most aggression and the different types are from neurochemical systems and various hormones in a person. Dating back to chimpanzees there were species that evolved and also shared traits of being hyper competitive just like another species then their were species that were not competitive what so ever. That is evidence that aggression is not solely based on evolution and family genes.

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